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Frequently Asked Question

For further information, please contact our team by email at the following address: info@venezia-photo.com or by telephone on +33 (0)9 73 61 74 32. We’re reachable from 10am to 6pm, Monday to Friday. We’ll be delighted to help you! For any requests concerning Italy and the Island of San Servolo, please write directly to: sanservolo@venezia-photo.com (Italian).

Questions fréquentes

Do I have to be an experienced photographer to participate in Venezia Photo?

Not necessarily! The level of experience required depends on the Masterclass of your choice. Venezia Photo offers a wide variety of classes ranging from those suitable for complete beginners to those more suited to professional photographers. For more information, check out the Masterclass pages: the required entry level is mentioned!

I’d like to sign up. How do I go about it?

It couldn’t be easier! Go to the Masterclass page, pick the class of your choice and let us guide you through to your reservation! To register, go to the “My account” page and create your Venezia PHOTO personal account.

A Masterclass is full. What should I do?

If the Masterclass you want to enrol in is full, write to us at info@venezia-photo.com with the name of the tutor, the date and the name of the Masterclass of your choice. We’ll come back to you as quickly as possible with feedback on your request.
Don’t hesitate to check out the “Programme” page to explore all the choices that this first edition of Venezia PHOTO offers!
Make sure you sign up to our newsletter in order to be among the first to get all our updates on our new Masterclass openings.

Is accommodation included in the price?

Yes, with our all-inclusive Platine, Or and Argent packages, the price includes the Masterclass, accommodation and full board on the Island of San Servolo. With our Bronze package, the price includes the Masterclass and half-board on the Island of San Servolo (lunches and dinners).

I’d like to spend some time in Venice, after the Masterclass. Is that possible?

With pleasure! It can even be particularly interesting to come a little ahead of the Masterclass to take in the surroundings.

On the other hand, the Island of San Servolo is totally reserved for the Masterclasses and we cannot accommodate extra guests, over and above those enrolled at a specific Masterclass. Please make sure that you arrive punctually and leave the island after your Masterclass so that the event can proceed smoothly. (Otherwise, you can always sign up for several Masterclasses!)

When is the next edition of Venezia Photo?

We’ll let you have the next dates in the very near future!

What is your connection with the Rencontres d’Arles?

Venezia PHOTO is the fruit of a wonderful artistic and pedagogical encounter between the Association pour la Diffusion de l’Art Photographique, the Rencontres d’Arles and San Servolo srl, in Venice. The entire project is a collaborative effort between these three very fitting partners!

Do I need high-quality material to follow the Masterclass?

You don’t need to have professional equipment to participate in Venezia Photo. That said, you do need to have at least a camera and a computer for most of the Masterclasses. You can find all the necessary information on the material you need on each of the “Masterclass” pages.

Can I reserve several Masterclasses at once?

Of course! You can reserve several Masterclasses at different dates but also several places on one Masterclass, in case you want to bring some along, or come with friends, colleagues or other photography aficionados!

Do the Masterclasses include practical exercises?

Yes the original format of the Masterclasses offered by Venezia Photo brings together both theory and practical exercises. Each tutor photographer will propose photo shoot days, on which he/she will accompany you for both the shoot and post-production.

Is transport included in the price?

No. With our all-inclusive Platine, Or and Argent packages, the price includes the Masterclass, accommodation and full board on the Island of San Servolo. With our Bronze package, the price includes the Masterclass and half-board on the Island of San Servolo (lunches and dinners).
Participants are responsible for their own transport to and from San Servolo, as well as the taxi-boats on-site – except for those organised by Venezia PHOTO within the framework of the excursions and conferences included in the programme.

Are the Masterclasses fully based on the Island?

Yes. The Island will be your place of residence for the duration of the Masterclass. You will, however, have the opportunity to visit Venice, explore the lagoon, and discover some remarkable sites thanks to the excursions included in the Masterclass.

I am a photographer and would like to teach a masterclass. How can I go about it?

It’s very simple! Send us a presentation email with a few biographical details and your motivations along with a small portfolio to the following address: info@venezia-photo.com and we will study your application.

I would like to buy a masterclass for someone. How do I go about that?

That is great news! All you have to do is follow the usual online reservation procedure and fill in the name of the participant. He will have 15 days to notify us of his choice of Masterclass.

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